On the workgroups page you can create and manage workgroups, invite other participants to your workgroup and see your invitations into other workgroups.

Workgroups are groups of participants that exchange business data within a workflow.

Under Create New Workgroup, you can create a new workgroup with a describing identifier.

After the creation you can manage...

  • the number of needed approvals per workgroup for a workflow to be considered complete

  • the information if a complete workflow should be directly exited into a single transaction on the blockchain

  • the information if a veto is active, where a veto means a workflow with one ore more negative feedbacks (='rejection(s)') will not be exited

  • the participants of the workgroup by inviting them via email (you have to use the email addresses that the participants are registered with at Unibright ONE)

If somebody else invitied you to their workgroup, you see the pending invitiations which you can accept or reject. Your existing workgropups are listed below.

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