About Unibright ONE

Unibright ONE is the service-oriented synchronization platform that makes the baseline idea instantly usable for enterprises: Multichain- and multiparty synchronization under Zero Knowledge on Enterprise level.

Unibright ONE makes it possible to notarize the exchange of business objects (such as orders or invoices) between process participants. It is recorded on chain that all participants have reached an agreement that the correct content has been exchanged, i.e. sent, received and understood.

Unibright ONE’s key features

Unibright ONE is designed as a web-based service application and offers among others:

  • A service API for all microservices, callable from all ERP systems (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, SalesForce, …) and legacy systems via REST services

  • Workgroups with many participants for collaboration supported

  • Baselining, notarization, workgroup management and notifications via service calls

  • Notifications of new notarizations via pull (via REST), PUSH (via MQTT or NATS), email or retrieval via platform dashboard

  • Usage of multiple blockchains (Baseledger, Ethereum, Polygon, Bitcoin) as notarization targets per call

  • Pay-per-use with fiat gateway and/or UBT payment — no proprietary cryptocurrency holdings are required

  • Optional securing of processes and involvement of third parties (such as auditors) through zero- and limited-knowledge technology (“SyncTree”)

  • Finalizing and exiting of any number of single notarizations of one or more processes in arbitrary blockchains, where it is also explicitly possible to combine notarizations from different blockchains (e.g. Baseledger and Bitcoin) for an exit in another blockchain (e.g. Ethereum)

  • Dashboard for configuration and administration

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